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Origami Paper

We use standard size 6 inch x 6 inch (15cm x 15cm) square origami paper for this site unless stated otherwise. If you can, use different types of origami paper to change the look of the finished origami and have fun with it!


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Origami Fortune Teller

I learned to fold this origami fortune teller as a kid. I remember having lots of fun playing it with my siblings and friends. I had forgotten all about it but there was an ER episode not too long ago where a kid in the show refreshed my memory of this childhood game. It's also used in the opening credits of Community, a tv series.


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This is also one of those origami that people know of but may not know the name. We've received many emails asking us about this origami toy where "you could insert your fingers and move the corners."

"Ask a question and you would open and close the corners to reveal an answer. "

"Like an origami Magic 8 ball."

Well, look no further and wonder no more. It's called the Origami Fortune Teller, sometimes also called Origami Chooser or Origami Salt Cellar or Origami Cootie Catcher....or the Origami Magic 8 Ball...

Check out our video showing how to use the origami fortune teller. Then see our folding instructions below:



Origami Fortune Teller Step 1: Start with a 6 inch square origami paper color side down.




Origami Fortune Teller Step 2: Make 2 folds, one along the horizontal axis and one along the vertical axis, following the dotted lines shown in the photo below.



Crease well and unfold.




Origami Fortune Teller Step 3: Make another 2 folds, this time along the diagonal axis. Crease well and unfold.




Origami Fortune Teller Step 4: Starting with the bottom right side, fold the paper to meet the center point.




Origami Fortune Teller Step 5: Repeat for the other 3 corners.



Origami Fortune Teller Step 6: Flip paper over.



Now this is where you actually write in the fortunes. You need to write in a fortune for each of the 8 quadrants. I've written 2 in the picture below as examples.



Origami Fortune Teller Step 7: Fold the bottom tip to meet the center point.




Origami Fortune Teller Step 8: Repeat for the other 3 corners.



You need some sort of ID for these sections. We used to write down numbers but you can use other IDs like color, etc.




Origami Fortune Teller Step 9: Flip paper over.




Origami Fortune Teller Step 10: Now start to pry open the paper with your fingers. You need to create room for your thumb and index fingers to hold up this origami fortune teller.





Origami Fortune Teller Step 11: Flip paper over and your origami fortune teller is complete!




From James - A teeny, tiny origami fortune teller!



From Britney in Scarborough:



From Atheer in Abu Dhabi " This is the "party teller", this was so easy to make! (and fun!)."




From reader in Fort Worth:




From Natasha in NZ "Pick one - red, lime, green or blue!"




From Nicole in Dubai "This is my origami fortune teller. I'm almost done but i have to decorate it :) "




From Georgia in Nottingham "My origami fortune teller."




From reader in Roswell " These cool little fortune tellers can be so cute as puppets all you have to do is staple the back 2 parts and poof perfect puppet. :) "



From Jade in Cavite " This Is My Origami Fortune Teller!!! "




From Kirsty in Ayr:



From reader in UK " i put tham all together and now they look pretty."




From Grace in Renton " this was made from patterned origami paper that i got last year."




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